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Lenses We Carry

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At Dr. Marie T. Tartibi, we offer a large selection of lenses to fit your individual needs. Dr. Marie Tartibi is dedicated to her customers making sure each person receives the eyeglasses that fit their individual lifestyle and needs. We offer a large selection of lens options to enhance your vision and performance, including: free form technology, computer vision glasses, blue blocking lenses, polarized sunglasses, regular sunglasses, and more.

Free Form Technology

Free Form Technology is a new advancement in the eye care industry. It uses computer aided design and development to create customized lenses to fit one’s prescription perfectly. Free Form Lenses provide exceptional low/night vision, color contrast, and color vision.

Standard lenses and free-form lenses are very different. Standard lenses are pre-molded and have the prescription created on the back surface of the lens. Free form lenses do not use a mold, but use digital design to measure a person’s prescription. This creates a lens customized for that person.

We carry a line of proprietary Accuclear brand premium digital free form lenses with matching anti-reflective coatings. They are available in all types of single vision and progressive lenses.

Computer Vision Glasses

glasses business woman technology in Lake Mary & Orlando, FLWe also offer computer vision glasses. Working at a computer can cause eyestrain, blurred vision, red eyes, and more. Computer Glasses can optimize your eyesight when you are in front of your screen. Computer screens usually sit 20–26 inches away from a person’s eyes, this is called the intermediate zone of vision. There are different lenses associated with computer glasses:

  • Single vision computer glasses: reduce the risk of blurred vision, eyestrain, and bad posture. Good for any age group.
  • Occupational progressive lenses: multifocal lenses that correct near, intermediate, and distance vision. They lenses make you feel more comfortable at the computer, but should not be used for an extended time at the computer.
  • Occupational bifocal and trifocal lenses: They correct intermediate and near vision, but do so better than regular bifocal and trifocal lens.

If you have any eye strain related problems caused by sitting at your computer, computer glasses are right for you. The right lens for staring at digital devises can make all the different. We are stocked with comfortable lenses for digital screens to make sure that dry, red, or tired eyes do not burden you.

Blue Light Blocking Lenses

Blocking blue light is extremely important. Screens, whether a computer, tablet, or cell phone, give off blue light, some of which is harmful to our eyes. Blue blocking lenses block off the bad blue light (HEV or High Energy Visible Blue Light). They do however still allow the good blue light to enter the lens and reduce glare. Blue blocking lenses are available as prescription lenses or with no prescription. Call us today to get your pair of blue blocking lenses.

Polarized Lenses

Are you the type of person that spends a lot of time outdoors? Polarized sunglasses have been popular for years with fishermen and boaters who needed to reduce glare from the waters, but now many more people are interested in polarized sunglasses. Anyone who does a lot of outdoor activity would benefit from these. They are even helpful for driving since they prevent glare from flat surfaces.

How do they work?

Light normally scatters in different directions when it travels, but when it is reflected off a flat surface, it travels in a more uniform, straight, manner, typically horizontal. This is called polarized. Polarized lenses contain a filter that block this reflected polarized light. These glasses are good for people who want to reduce the glare and see more clearly outdoors. However, polarized lenses are not right for every instance. For example when someone is downhill skiing they want to see light reflected off of icy patches.

Non-prescription Sunglasses

Girl wearing sunglasses in Lake Mary & Orlando, FLNot only do we have polarized sunglasses, but we also carry non-prescription sunglasses. As we all know, looking good is important, and protecting your eyes is important too. Even if you are a contact lens person and don’t like wearing glasses all the time, sunglasses will keep your eyes safe, and stylish. We offer a large selection of non-prescription quality sunglasses so you can enjoy the comfort of your contacts, but still wear your shades.

According to WebMD, while 73% of adults wear sunglasses, only 58% of them make their kids wear them too. People just don’t understand how the UV light is harmful to our eyes and skin, and may don’t bother to wear shades. The cumulative damage is a real concern that many ignore, and protecting your kids is important. Remember, it’s never too early to protect your eyes!

Call us today to see which lenses will give you that extra performance edge!